Jewellery Trends in 2021

The latest jewellery trends have given you quite a wide range of choices, but subtlety isn’t one of them. Whether for special occasions, everyday wear or when it comes to your wedding jewellery trends, subtlety isn’t what you’d normally find in these types of jewellery. There are many different designs available nowadays, so you’re spoilt for choice. You can opt for something classic, something that’s more understated. Or you can choose something that really stands out. Whether your taste is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, there’s always something that will suit your style.

There have been some major trends in the way people wear their jewellery. There was a time when necklaces and pendants were all the rage. The current rose necklaces look gorgeous and they’ve taken over the fashions for evening wear. Wearing a stunning necklace will take you from work to a night out easily and it can be a very attractive addition to any wardrobe. Rose pendants are also gaining popularity with jewellery trends as they look ultra feminine and fit in with the times.

Of course, earrings have always been popular and one of the top trends in 2021 is the chunky dangling earring. A great accessory to add to any outfit and perfect for parties, concerts, nights out and casual days, chunky earrings will complement your whole outfit and complete your jewellery trends style. Whether you choose a single drop or a cluster of pearls on a studded earring, the right one will accentuate your whole look. From simple gold chunky earrings to vintage crystal rings, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Even if you aren’t into chunky jewellery trends, don’t worry; other stylish pieces such as pendants, bangles, bangle bracelets, cufflinks and fingerless gloves have also been increasing in popularity this season.

Charm bracelets have been a top trend this year and they are extremely popular amongst young women. This is another great choice of jewellery that will match your clothing and makeup perfectly and you’ll look stunning when you head out this summer. In addition to charm bracelets, you’ll also find various charms to add to your jewellery collection. In fact, charms are probably the most popular item of jewellery this season and you’ll find them particularly easy to wear and buy. You’ll be able to find the right size and style of charms that will enhance your existing jewellery collection and complete your jewellery trends style. These items of jewellery will continue to dominate the trends scene moving forward.

Earrings are an obvious item of jewellery trends that will match any outfit and occasion and this season is no exception. For an easy way to accessorize your outfit this season, consider buying a pair of silver hoop earrings and wrap them around your bangle for a simple but elegant change. The same goes for having a pair of silver stud earrings on your finger as well. If you like to step outside the box with your accessories, silver earrings are a fantastic choice.

Other jewellery trends for the summer include watches, bracelets and necklaces. Watches are extremely popular and wearing a watch on your wrist is incredibly fashionable. Wearing a watch around your neck is as elegant and adds instant appeal. A good choice of watch could potentially earn you extra points at a job and there are plenty of designer watches available to suit all tastes and budgets. Alternatively, bracelets are ideal for wearing with skirts and dresses as they will match the fabric of your outfit. Finally, a simple yet stylish chain necklace is also an option to add to your jewellery box.