Thistle in the wild

The Thistle – A Flower of Scotland History

The Thistle is one of the most well-known flowers in Scotland history. Its origins are mysterious, but its significance has never been in doubt. From its history to its connection with Robert Burns and Scotland’s national anthem, the flower has made its mark on Scottish culture. Discover the history of the flower and its connection to Scottish culture in this article. You’ll also discover more about the cories, origins, and Robert Burns.


The Scottish thistle is an iconic plant. It is a biennial plant, meaning that its life cycle is divided into two years, a period during which the flowering plant grows and dies. Thistle seeds are viable in the soil for seven to twenty years. Because of this, thistle seeds can be dispersed throughout the year, and the plant can be grown in gardens, parks, or open areas without any other plants.

Robert Burns

The life of Robert Burns is full of surprises and turns of fate. In 1786, the poet was facing financial ruin. He worked on a poor farm with his brother, nearly starving. While he was living in Jamaica, Robert burned out several times. His love affair with Jean, who was pregnant with twins, ended in tragedy. Burns was unable to return home to Scotland. His lover, ‘Highland Mary,’ was murdered while waiting for him to return.


One of the most famous songs in Scottish history is “Cories are a flower of Scotland”. The song is performed often and is credited to Roy Williamson, a member of the folk group the Corries. Initially heard on a 1967 BBC television program, the song has become Scotland’s unofficial national anthem. The lyrics are based on the victory of the Scots led by Robert the Bruce over Edward II of England at the Battle of Bannockburn.


The prickly-leaved purple flower, the thistle, is the national emblem of Scotland. As the national emblem of the United Kingdom, it’s not the only flower that reflects the nation’s heritage and national pride. Other UK countries include England, Wales, and Ireland. In fact, each has its own flower as their emblem. Despite this, the thistle is unique to Scotland.

Anti-Scottish verse

Despite the country’s national anthem, Scotland’s antipathy to the English has occasionally found artistic expression. The first anthem was composed around 300 years ago. The phrase “whaur’s yer Wullie Shakespeare noo?” was coined by a punter who wanted to sing the verse at a church service. The phrase was included in the Church of Scotland’s “Church Hymnary,” appended to the back of a King James Bible issued to the Boys’ Brigade.

Problems with anthem

The problems with the Flower of Scotland history anthem stem from its history. It is explicitly anti-English and refers to the victory of the Jacobite army over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn. Considering the Scottish population’s tepid views of nationhood, the anthem will never have much popularity among Scots. Moreover, the anthem’s lyrics are inaccurate and rarely get airplay.

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Scotland’s Jewellery History

Celtic Connections

Often taking inspiration from Celtic jewellery designs, Scottish jewellery is jewellery which has either been made in Scotland or has been made with Scotland in mind. Incredibly, the iron age is when Scotland’s jewellery dates back to. Thousands of years of jewellery experience within Scotland has unquestionably provided the nation with an excellent foundation to potentially cement themselves as one of the most luxurious and prestigious jewellery providers in the world. Jewellery buyers place huge importance on exclusivity and uniqueness and Scotland’s very illustrious history in the jewellery market is something which the country doesn’t acknowledge and play up to enough and Scotland is missing out on a huge opportunity as a result.


Unique Scottish Jewellery

The most traditional examples of Scottish jewellery are objects which had functional uses at some point in Scotland’s history and over time they have become jewellery pieces. These are a massive factor with regards to the uniqueness of Scottish jewellery which is not yet being taken advantage of by the Scots. Scotland’s great heritage is world renowned and with recent releases of patriotic Scottish films such as Outlaw King which were global sensations on a cinematic level as well as on the Netflix platform. Hundreds of millions of people watched these films, which provides a huge platform for Scottish jewellery to take huge steps towards becoming a mainstay in the jewellery market and potentially take huge steps to greatly improving the Scottish economy which could be a very welcome addition to the independence movement which Scotland is still experiencing.


Independence Movement

Droves of people descend on Glasgow and Edinburgh’s streets when the independence marches take place, showing the appetite in the country which still exists for a potential second independence referendum. Unquestionably the support for a second referendum could increase significantly if the jewellery market were to take off in Scotland and the country began to realise it’s potential in the country. A huge reason for the failed independence attempt in 2014 was people’s insecurity about the future revenue sources for the country. Many independence supporters pointed towards the oil revenue which could be achieved in the North Sea. However, many critics and remain supporters cast doubt on these claims. Since the referendum it has been shown that the revenue from the oil was nowhere near as significant as was being argued at the time. If the jewellery market were to begin to make significant sums of money for Scotland’s economy this could be a huge factor in Scottish people being swayed towards voting for independence.



Scotland has so many ancient jewellery items which are incomparable to other countries jewellery offerings. Items such as kilt pins, thistle brooches, luckenbooth brooches and pebble jewellery are easily identifiable as very Scottish items. These would help Scottish jewellery items stand out considerably amongst an extremely crowded and competitive market. Differentiation is a crucial element of jewellery items now in these modern times and not many countries can offer more unique jewellery items than Scotland.

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