Plan Your Wedding: Wedding Jewellery & The Best Wedding Bands In Scotland

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, there can be a lot to think about. You want to have one of the best weddings bands in Scotland playing at your reception and you want to look a million dollars. We have found some of the most-needed advice for brides-to-be ahead of the big day.

With so much to think about, you better get to it!

The Right Jewellery To Suit Your Dress

You should know by now that you can’t just match any jewellery with any wedding dress. It is, in fact, very important to make sure they match impeccably. If you have a dress with a lot of pattern and texture then it is recommended that you find jewellery which is simple and delicate. For simple gowns, you are more likely to get away with more busy pieces or statement pieces. Many people even choose to go for bold costume jewellery-style pieces to give them a different, colourful look.

Make sure your dress and jewellery also tie in with the theme of the overall wedding. Or make the wedding match your dress!

Best Wedding Bands In Scotland

Find The Best Wedding Bands in Scotland

If you would like to have live music at your wedding, then you will want to find one of the best wedding bands in Scotland. Make these easy for yourself and find an agency who manage multiple bands. One such agency is Elite Bands who even hold showcases so you can hear many of the best wedding bands in Scotland for yourself before you pick one for your wedding reception.

Try and choose a band that will be able to do a wide variety of music. They could have a DJ section, a live classic rock-style section and maybe even a ceilidh. If they can do all three then they really will be one of the best wedding bands in Scotland.

Make Sure The Cake Suits Your Needs

The cake can be many people’s favourite part of the wedding. The classic image of the newlyweds cutting the cake for the first time must be one of the most-taken photographs at any social event. If any of the bridal party is gluten-free or allergic to eggs, etc., then this must be taken into account when finding the right baker. This is especially important if it is one of the happy couple who is affected!

Find a baker who can give you many options and give you some leeway to share ideas on the cake.

Best Wedding Bands In Scotland