The Best Tips for Buying Fashion Shoes to Match Jewellery

There’s nothing quite like the perfect outfit. There is few better feelings than when you manage to match jewellery, accessories, dress and fashion shoes all together perfectly. Nowadays, it is much easier to find the perfect pair of shoes. There are so many options when it comes to shoe retailers online – such as EA Fashion – who offer a wide variety of different styles, colours and sizes. Here’s your guide to buying shoes online:

1.      Get Your Size Right

It can be frustrating when you get all excited for your online delivery to come, only for the item not to fit. That is why it is so important to get the size right. You should know exactly what size your feet are by now. So make sure that you check out the sizing guide on the website. The actual size of a shoe can differ from brand to brand, country to country.

2.      Check the Returns Policy

Another important thing to check when buying fashion shoes online is that particular retailers return policy. Making sure that you know how long you have to return shoes means you have a period to decide if they are for you. Always check if sale items have a different policy.

fashion shoes

3.      Try on Fashion Shoes Instantly

As soon as you get home and the delivery is there – try them on!  This way you can see if they fit your feet properly and if you like the way you look. You don’t want the return policy to have run out before you’ve even got them on your feet.

4.      Read the Specifications

Most people will just look at the picture when it comes to buying something online. But it is important to read the product specifications to check everything is at it seems. It will be able to tell you specs such as heel height, how wide the shoe is and what materials are used.

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5.      Know Your Style

It’s very important to know your style. Getting your shoes to match jewellery and clothing is the difference between an average outfit and a great one. Once you get to know what sort of shoe suits your style the best, shopping will become much easier.

6.      Pay Securely

Paying securely is a very important part of buying online. You want to be sure that you aren’t getting scammed. That is why EA Fashion offer secure PayPal and card payments for their purchases. So that customers are safe in the knowledge that they know exactly what they’re paying for.

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7.      Look at Reviews

Most online retailers will have a reviews or ratings system (if not both). This way, you can check what people who have previously bought a particular item think of their purchase. Meaning that you will be able to get a better idea of what you are potentially paying for.