Easy Jewellery to Make at Home

Jewelry-making may seem intimidating at first, but with the proper understanding and tools, you can craft beautiful jewellery pieces using wire, beads and other materials. DIY jewellery ideas make excellent beginner projects as well as great presents! Here are a few DIY projects perfect for beginners looking to start creating their own beautiful designs!

Add metallic flair to your style with this copper bracelet! Simply affix alphabet beads on wire lengths made of copper wire to make these stunning food-name bracelets.

Glass Cabochon Bracelet

Bring glamour and shine to any outfit with this glass cabochon bracelet, featuring a hand painted dichroic glass cabochon suspended between two curved side pieces and sealed to protect its alcohol ink design. Perfectly fitting 6.5-8 inch wrists with lobster claw clasp closure; seal also protects alcohol ink used. Note that seal should not come into direct contact with perfumes, hand gel sanitizers or other forms of scenting agents (perfumes etc).

Apply a thin coating of Glamour Seal to the back of your cabochon, taking care not to apply too much; too much may ooze off and leave gaps that don’t hold the pendant in place.

Geometric Tassel Earrings

Tassels are an eye-catching fashion statement piece that add a stylish edge to every ensemble, from casual t-shirts to formal red carpet looks. Their lightweight statement pieces work with virtually every fashion style.

Create eye-catching tassel earrings using this straightforward DIY tutorial! A perfect present for the fashionista in your life!

Start by wrapping a long piece of embroidery thread around a cardboard piece until your desired length has been reached.

Secure one end of your tassel using a jump ring, then repeat with another color of thread before attaching each tassel to a separate top earring ring.

Crescent Moon Necklace

Gold crescent moon necklaces are the ideal way to showcase your inner strength. Since ancient times, they’ve been seen as symbols of fertility, time, eternity, enlightenment and even love and luck in business. Wear one as part of your outfit to show it off!

Women looking to add some shimmer and glamour to their looks often pair this piece of jewellery with matching earrings for a complete look.

Moon symbols represent deities and important ideas in each society and religion, thus being universally applicable unlike some symbols which may only apply to one particular group or belief system.

Fruit Earrings

Enjoy summer with fruity accessories! These hoop earrings feature clay beads designed to look like watermelons, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, avocados and more – the perfect way to take a bite out of summer!

Resin drops from gold-plated hypoallergenic earring hooks for an eye-catching effect, perfect for special events to elongate your face and give any look an added glitzy flair. Wear these to emphasize how beautiful you are on special occasions!

Epoxy takes at least 24 hours to cure properly, so make sure that the resin remains on its plastic sheet overnight to witness its stunning transparent result. After taking this step, remove it and trim any uneven corners with scissors before removing from its home base.

Metal Chain & Yarn Bracelet

If you’re searching for an eye-catching bracelet to wear, these simple patterns will surely meet the mark. When making these pieces, ensure to use double-strand elastic for extra strength, as well as beads with larger holes than average. Likewise, consider using a surgeon’s knot instead of an overhand knot; just add a dab of jewelry glue at its end before tucking into one bead to secure it further.

This macrame bracelet elevates traditional hemp and wooden beads by using colorful nylon cord and glossy metal charms. Round jewelry pliers will be necessary, but otherwise all other ingredients can easily be found!

Elongated Spike Drop Earrings

These sleek and modern spike drop earrings will make any outfit chic and on trend. Boasting long linear silhouettes topped by spiked accents secured with hinged backs.

To create these earrings, first lay out your bead design on a headpin. Aim for having two thirds of its length covered by beads; if necessary, swap out beads until your design works well.

Once the wire has been bent into a flat loop, add rondelle beads (or other small round spacers) and wrap them around the wire loop.

Bead Bracelet

When working with elastic cord, use tape on one end to prevent it from snapping off as you string beads onto it. This will also protect it from being pulled too tightly through beads and making them slip off the cord.

Select thicker stretch cord such as Stretch Magic Cord or Opelon to ensure the durability of your bracelets, or doubled elastic if your beads have large enough bead holes.

Once your bracelet reaches the length you desire, thread its wire through a seed bead and crimp bead, using your pliers to close off both components, adding a knot cover over each.