Tips On How To Find A Reputable Jewellery Repair Company

There is no need for you to be worried about jewellery repair these days. With so many jewellery repair companies around offering their professional services, finding the best one is not an issue. No matter what your needs, skilled team are always here to assist. All jewellery repairs such as setting missing diamonds or stones, ring repairs, stringing together missing beads or setting. Even restringing necklace and earrings can now be done within a week if you need to order more stones.

What You Should Know About Jewellery Repair

Some people often think that repairing their jewellery is very expensive. In fact, most damages are not much more than minor scratches. Moreover, it is advisable not to put off the repairs. They are important for your jewellery collection as well as making the pieces look beautiful and appealing. The following are some tips on how to find the best jewellery repair company near you:

Chain Repairs are usually easier to do than stone settings. As such, jewellery repair experts can use their expertise to repair chain and pendant repairs. Their tools include diamond core pliers and wire cutters. They also have high-grade cleaning solutions and brushes.

Cleaning Repairs Of all the jewellery repair services, cleaning is the most common service offered by jewellers. Most jewellers provide their customers with cleaning solutions, brushes, and other accessories. The process of cleaning includes prepping the pieces for repair work, placing them inside a special jewellery-cleaning kit, and then working on the repairs themselves. In most cases, cleaning takes a few hours and you can make sure that the repairs will last longer if you only try to go over the job twice.

Gemstone Resizing Many people don’t know this, but resizing jewellery is an extremely popular service for jeweller. The main reason is because resizing helps to make the gemstones look bigger or smaller in size when they are in their original state. This service can be done by jeweller using many different methods including sanding, filling, bonding, and others.


Valuation It may sound too simple to be an important part of a jewellery repair, but a gemstone valuation can be very complex. A gemstone valuation expert not only determines the worth of the stone but also the value of its certificate. Many jewellers provide their customers with a certificate, which is important for future insurance purposes. The certificate can prove that the repaired piece is the original one and the appraisal can prove the value of the piece.