Best Wedding Bands In Scotland

Plan Your Wedding: Wedding Jewellery & The Best Wedding Bands In Scotland

If you are in the process of planning your wedding, there can be a lot to think about. You want to have one of the best weddings bands in Scotland playing at your reception and you want to look a million dollars. We have found some of the most-needed advice for brides-to-be ahead of the big day.

With so much to think about, you better get to it!

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Special Whisky Gifts

Why Special Whisky Gifts Can Be The Perfect Gift

Jewellery is often the go to gift of choice for wedding gifts , spouses , family members and close friends. However we have found that Special Whisky Gifts can be just as sentimental. For those Who do like Whisky of course. In Comparison to jewellery whisky can actually be of an equally high value depending on the variety of whisky , where it originated from and how long it has been around. Some special edition whiskys have fetched as much as thousands of pounds online. Special Whisky Gifts can be found at the Rare Malt Whisky companies website.

Miniature Special Whisky Gifts

As well as purchasing a bottle or smaller bottle with a whisky glass miniature Special Whisky Gifts are also gaining in popularity. One of  the advantages of purchasing a miniature set is that it slims down the whisky into a quaint gift set. This means that it is more practical too as whoever is receiving the gift won’t have to carry about a large bottle of whisky. A further advantage of this type of gift is that the recipient can try a variety of different whiskys and keep the bottles as souvenirs. In a world where tech and computers are coming to the forefront of almost every market place receiving something that has been made through an ancient process over time adds more sentimentality to the gift and thought.

Special Whisky Gifts

What Makes The Perfect Gift?

Leading on from Special Whisky Gifts the question that has to be asked is what makes the perfect gift? well in short there is no easy one size fits all answer as everybody we know has their own likes , dislikes and unique qualities.  Essentially whenever someone gives someone else a gift there is normally a message behind it. Depending on what we get people there is always some thought that goes  behind a gift and that is  why a lot of the time people can be so touched by gifts.  What makes the perfect gift in essence is thinking about what would make a difference to the person you are buying it for. E.g buying a new set of running shoes for a keen runner friend you have or a new ski jacket for a snowboarder. You get the idea.

Special Whisky Gifts


Health Benefits To Whisky

As well as making an excellent gift for someone , Whisky can carry a number of unique health benefits.  Studies have shown that those who had at least one whisky a week were less likely to have dementia. A similar study found a similar result with champagne.

  1. A Further health benefit of Whisky is that it helps to ease digestion. This means that foods can be broken down better and if you have a sore or uneasy stomach whisky can help ease the pain.
  2. Whiskys have been shown to contain antioxidants which can help the body to fight harmful bacteria and disease
  3. Stroke and heart problems have been linked to small/moderate consumption of Whisky
  4. Whisky has always been known for its medicinal properties and its traditional use as a cold remedy. Hot toddy – Hot whisky with lemon juice can help blood vessels circulate and open up sinuses in the nose allowing for easier breathing and lessening the effects of cold/flu

Special Whisky Gifts




victorian jewellery and fashion

Victorian Jewellery and Fashion: From Makeup to Accessories


Victorian times were filled with interesting and unusual trends. Unusual trends in Victorian jewellery and Fashion. The Victorian era started around 1800’s and ended in the early 1900’s in this space of time many different trends both dangerous and unusual were tried. At a time where there was no electricity or cars, many different trends took place. The Victorians are well known for their unusual trends and changes across Britain. From Tudor to Victorian times there was a big change in jewellery. People in Tudor times used to wear jewellery made up of their loved one’s hair that had died. However, in the Victorian time,s jewellery became a lot brighter and made into different shapes such as hearts and flowers. Women wore jewellery that matched their outfits and coloured gems were a lot more popular.

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Showcasing Your Jewellery: Temporary Exhibition Structures & Event Labour Hire

If you are setting out in the jewellery making business, we think that an exhibition showcase is the best way to go about promoting your craft. However, there are many things you will want to think about. This will include any potential temporary exhibition structures and whether you want to look for event labour hire.

Read on and find out how to hold a successful jewellery exhibition.

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jewellery in scotland heart pendant

Why People Wore Jewellery In Scotland: Where It Began

Jewellery in Scotland became a thing many years ago as well as all over the world. One of the first findings of jewellery was 25,000 years ago in Monaco, a necklace made out of fish bones. In Scotland, broaches were used to show authority, however, they were first used to hold clothes on together. There are also many other reasons as to why jewellery became popular. Hunters began to wear jewellery of the animals they had killed as they believed it would bring them good luck the next time they went hunting. People believed that jewellery brought them luck and guard them against illnesses. Later jewellery such as rings became a way of showing commitment to someone. There are also many different reasons for wearing jewellery in different places ranging from Africa to the Mediterranean.

royalty wealthy lady jewellery in scotland

Popular Jewellery in Scotland


There are many different types of jewellery that are popular in Scotland, ranging from Celtic knots which symbolised infinity and never-ending cycles as well as love and friendship and religious aspects. These symbols on rings, bracelets, necklaces and broaches to this day. As jewellery became more and more popular the evolution of jewellery began. In medieval times, less well-off people’s jewellery was made from metals whereas the rich people’s jewellery was made from silver and gold. In Tudor times jewellery became more fashionable for women and it was stylish to match their jewellery to the outfits they wore. Men wore just as much jewellery as women to signify their power and wealth.

crown jewellery in scotland royalty

Jewellery fit for Royalty


When Queen Victoria took to the throne jewellery had become more romantic. As before people used to wear jewellery with strands of their loved one’s hair in it. Jewellery became more colourful and gems were carved into shapes such as hearts and flowers. However, after King Albert died darker coloured jewellery became more popular.


Modern Jewellery in Scotland


Jewellery to this day still has the same aspects as it did in the past with the way it looks. However coloured gems have become less popular and more for occasion wear. The most popular jewellery is silver and gold. Diamonds are also a lot popular than they were in past years as they are becoming better cut to show their true beauty and delicacy.

Why an Electric Stacker Lift Can Be Useful in the Jewellery Distribution Industry

If you work in jewellery distribution, you may already be aware of how important it is to have machinery to aid your job. One of the most common ones to use is the electric stacker lift. An electric stacker lift has two blades that can hold, transport and lift goods. You can get them in both manual and electric forms but for extra efficiency, electric is best.

Here is why an electric stacker lift could be useful to your line of work and make your job easier.

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gold rings with roses and pearls jewellery upkeep

Jewellery Upkeep: Tips on Taking Care of Jewellery

Jewellery upkeep can be difficult to manage to keep your items looking shiny after having them for a few years. However in order to keep your items looking brand new it is important to ensure they are cleaned properly. In order to clean your jewellery it is important to know what kind it is to find the best way to clean it.  For example using water on metal jewellery can tarnish it, leaving it discoloured. Therefore it would be better to use an anti-tarnish cloth to keep jewellery metal jewellery clean. Anti-tarnish cloths also work well with most jewellery to keep them clean but for a better clean some other products would be better.

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fashion shoes

The Best Tips for Buying Fashion Shoes to Match Jewellery

There’s nothing quite like the perfect outfit. There is few better feelings than when you manage to match jewellery, accessories, dress and fashion shoes all together perfectly. Nowadays, it is much easier to find the perfect pair of shoes. There are so many options when it comes to shoe retailers online – such as EA Fashion – who offer a wide variety of different styles, colours and sizes. Here’s your guide to buying shoes online:

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making your own jewellery

The Top Tips for Making Your Own Jewellery

Each and every one of us out there has a hobby that we are passionate about. Whether that be collecting stamps or playing tennis, it is something we enjoy doing to pass the time. However, few hobbies are as satisfying as making your own jewellery. Not only do you have fun while doing it, but you get something to wear or give to loved ones afterwards. If you find yourself having real talent for it, you could even make some money. But, like most things, it can be a difficult skill to master when starting out. Here is a helping hand to get you started:

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plastic surgeon Scotland

Plastic Surgeon Scotland | Why Wearing Jewellery is Not Safe During Surgery

If you are a plastic surgeon in Scotland, you may have been asked countless times about if patients are allowed to wear jewellery during the surgery. You may also have people argue with you over wearing it. If you are training to be a plastic surgeon in Scotland, you will likely encounter this at some point, so here is what to say to patients when they ask why wearing jewellery during a plastic surgery procedure isn’t safe.

plastic surgeon Glasgow

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