making your own jewellery

The Top Tips for Making Your Own Jewellery

Each and every one of us out there has a hobby that we are passionate about. Whether that be collecting stamps or playing tennis, it is something we enjoy doing to pass the time. However, few hobbies are as satisfying as making your own jewellery. Not only do you have fun while doing it, but you get something to wear or give to loved ones afterwards. If you find yourself having real talent for it, you could even make some money. But, like most things, it can be a difficult skill to master when starting out. Here is a helping hand to get you started:

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plastic surgeon Scotland

Plastic Surgeon Scotland | Why Wearing Jewellery is Not Safe During Surgery

If you are a plastic surgeon in Scotland, you may have been asked countless times about if patients are allowed to wear jewellery during the surgery. You may also have people argue with you over wearing it. If you are training to be a plastic surgeon in Scotland, you will likely encounter this at some point, so here is what to say to patients when they ask why wearing jewellery during a plastic surgery procedure isn’t safe.

plastic surgeon Glasgow

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How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

If your jewellery is looking about worse for wear or is in need of a good cleaning, then the obvious choice is to go to a jeweller. But this can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have a busy schedule. Luckily there are some quick and easy at home cleaning methods that will not break the bank or damage your jewellery. Just bear in mind that not all of the techniques listed below will be suitable for every type of jewellery.


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dentist in Glasgow city centre

Dentist in Glasgow City Centre Advice | Oral Piercing Aftercare

If you are considering getting an oral piercing, then there are some things that you need to take into consideration – and not just what type of jewellery you want. Oral piercings can leave you vulnerable to a whole host of oral health problems so it is essential to get advice and speak to your dentist in Glasgow city centre before getting it.

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Vintage silver pocket watch sold at home jewellery business

Tips to Running a Lucrative Home Jewellery Business

Having a jewellery business can be a dream come true for some people, and where better to run that business than from your own home? More small businesses than ever are choosing to operate out of domestic properties. A recent study found that 52% of small businesses in the US are run from home. There are many benefits of a home jewellery business, but it can often be hard work. Here are some tips to doing it successfully:

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online jewellery business

How to Successfully Sell Jewellery Online

Having an online jewellery business is exciting. Not only are you able to show off your creativity to the world, but you are selling it at the same time. Knowing that the hard work you put in to creating this jewellery is being appreciated by people is extremely satisfying. However, it is going to take a lot of hard work and knowhow to be successful. There are lots of different options for the consumer out there when it comes to jewellery. Ensure that you can successfull sell jewellery online with these tips:

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Dozens of vintage rings on black velvet display board

The Benefits of Buying Vintage and Previously Owned Items

Vintage items have a certain amount of mystery and originality attached to it that no top from Zara can match and people can go to every corner of a country searching for the perfect piece. Knowing how and where to look can save you time and help you nab something perfect before someone else does.

  • Do not limit yourself to clothing: Vintage stores have some amazing jewellery and scarves that can really lift your average outfit. Floral brooches or a bright scarf can be a small element that can lead to a much better outfit.

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