Tips to Running a Lucrative Home Jewellery Business

Having a jewellery business can be a dream come true for some people, and where better to run that business than from your own home? More small businesses than ever are choosing to operate out of domestic properties. A recent study found that 52% of small businesses in the US are run from home. There are many benefits of a home jewellery business, but it can often be hard work. Here are some tips to doing it successfully:

Make Sure You’re Insured

Nobody enjoys dealing with the legal side of running a business, but it has to be done. If you are making the decision to run a home jewellery business then it is important to check your homes insurance policy. You may need to take out another policy that will cover any business activity. Luckily, this is not usually expensive.

Check If You Have to Pay Business Rates

If you have other people working alongside you in your home, you may need to pay extra on top of your council tax. This can be checked with your local council, so simply give them a ring up. You probably will have to pay some sort of business rate if you’ve converted part of your home in to a workshop for producing your jewellery.

home jewellery business

Remove Distractions

Working from home is great. You get the benefits of all your home comforts while at work. However, people that do work from home can often become too easily distracted. Whether they get too engrossed in the TV, start doing home chores or something else, it can be all too appealing to ignore. You will need to learn to be self-motivated and block out any distractions that take you away from producing and selling jewellery.

Don’t Be Confined to Four Walls

home jewellery business

Running a home business can be wonderful, but it can also get lonely. If you don’t have anyone around to laugh, chat and joke with then you can start to feel detached. There a number of ways that you can tackle this. Firstly, you could start to phone any partners, customers, clients etc. instead of emailing them. Secondly, start visiting networking events, going to arts & crafts fairs and more. Not only will this increase your knowledge of the industry, but you could make contacts that can come in handy.

Take Breaks from Running Your Home Jewellery Business

Running a home business doesn’t mean that you should be available any time you are there. Start your day off at 8:30/9AM and shut off the laptop at 5/5:30PM. You shouldn’t be answering any business phone calls after these hours. If you do then it can start to consume your life. It’s also important to take lunch breaks and a few five minutes a day. This will keep you fresh and motivated.

home jewellery business

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Because the most travelling you’ll be doing to get to work is moving from the bed to the office, it can often be hard to get going. Your mind won’t think that it is going to work. There are a few ways that this problem can be tackled. One solution is to change in to clothes that are office appropriate instead of staying in them PJ’s. It will give you the right state of mind to start the day.