The Benefits of Buying Vintage and Previously Owned Items

Vintage items have a certain amount of mystery and originality attached to it that no top from Zara can match and people can go to every corner of a country searching for the perfect piece. Knowing how and where to look can save you time and help you nab something perfect before someone else does.

  • Do not limit yourself to clothing: Vintage stores have some amazing jewellery and scarves that can really lift your average outfit. Floral brooches or a bright scarf can be a small element that can lead to a much better outfit.

  • Know your actual size: Instead of depending on incorrect sizing which is the case most of the time with vintage clothing, you should alternatively know what your measurements are before you even enter the store. This will keep you from getting excited by something that has your size stamped on incorrectly. You will also be able to spot pieces far more easily and you will move through the shop faster. You can easily measure your body with a measuring tape and this can help you later.


Interior of vintage shop with assortment of clothes and accessories

  • Imagine: Vintage shopping is all about looking past what is staring at you in the shop. The dullest clothing can be remade into something great or can be paired with a piece that can brighten up your entire outfit. Thinking ahead is key and it will help you pick up clothing at a steal.
  • Look past the labels: It is easy to get excited when you are looking at big brands at thrift store prices but focus on getting something you can really see yourself wearing. Having a Prada bag lying in your closet that you don’t even like is not worth even anything.
  • Wear and tear: As great as an item looks, going into the fitting room and making sure it does not have too many missing buttons and stains will save you from future disappointment. The older the clothing, the better it looks but there is also a higher probability it is damaged.

Side view of two vintage car rear ends

  • No specifics: Do not walk into a department store looking for a specific piece because that is really not what vintage stores are supposed to be for. The whole point of shopping at a vintage store is to find something you would not buy ordinarily. If your aim is to buy a plain black skirt, a Forever 21 will do you better but a vintage store is perfect for picking up some great pieces that you did not even know you were looking for.