Why an Electric Stacker Lift Can Be Useful in the Jewellery Distribution Industry

If you work in jewellery distribution, you may already be aware of how important it is to have machinery to aid your job. One of the most common ones to use is the electric stacker lift. An electric stacker lift has two blades that can hold, transport and lift goods. You can get them in both manual and electric forms but for extra efficiency, electric is best.

Here is why an electric stacker lift could be useful to your line of work and make your job easier.

Benefits of Using an Electric Stacker Lift

There are many benefits of using an electric stacker lift in the jewellery distribution industry, these include;

Time Effective

Electric stacker lifts help you save time; this is because your employees will have a far easier job of transporting boxes full of jewellery from one place to another.  An electric stacker lift

Cost Effective

As well as being time effective, electric stacker lifts are also cost-effective. The amount of time your employees will save using an electric stacker will free up more time for extra tasks to be done. The more work that gets done, the more money will be coming in.

Space Optimisation

Many jewellery distribution premises are in warehouses, an electric stacker pallet allows you to stack boxes on top of each other, optimising the space that you have. Employees on their own would struggle to stack box upon box without risking serious injury. With the use of the electric stacker lift, they can manoeuvre boxes at ease and store them safely.

Decreased Risk of Injured Employees

As long as employees are properly trained using an electric stacker lift and they use it properly, then it is usually a much lower risk of your employees getting injured at work. One of the most common injuries is strain or pulled muscles caused by lifting heavy objects. With an electric stacker, you don’t need to worry about employees having to pick up and move heavy objects by hand. The lift will do it for them in a safe and easy way.

Space Saving

Compared to bigger pieces of machinery, such as forklifts or pallet trucks, electric stacker lifts save a lot of space. This is essential if you don’t have a lot of spare storage in your warehouse.


It is essential that employees understand the importance of safety when operating an electric stacker lift, this includes;

  • Proper training to all who are going to be using it
  • Ensuring that load limits are stuck to
  • Never ride on the electric stacker lift
  • Ensure that a steady speed is maintained