Showcasing Your Jewellery: Temporary Exhibition Structures & Event Labour Hire

If you are setting out in the jewellery making business, we think that an exhibition showcase is the best way to go about promoting your craft. However, there are many things you will want to think about. This will include any potential temporary exhibition structures and whether you want to look for event labour hire.

Read on and find out how to hold a successful jewellery exhibition.

Promoting Your Own Jewellery Collection

If you want to make it in the jewellery business, then you will have to work on marketing your jewellery to the right people. Finding your target market and getting on with the promotion is one of the biggest parts of running any business. Self-promotion can make some people cringe but it is absolutely essential in the creative industry where buyers can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice at their fingertips.

Temporary Exhibition Structures

Holding An Exhibition

One of the best ways to convince people to invest in your jewellery is to hold or participate in exhibitions. Holding your own will definitely help to boost your sales if you run it well and market it properly. Participating in external exhibitions is best for jewellery makers who are just starting out. There are many art fairs and small exhibitions across the country. Many of these would welcome you to have a traders stall to sell your craft.

The Venue: Building Temporary Exhibition Structures

If you are going ahead with holding your own jewellery exhibition then the venue has to make a statement. While many go for classic galleries, why not build your own temporary exhibition structures? These temporary exhibition structures can be built and adapted to suit your own needs. It can show real professionalism and make a statement to potential buyers about the value of your craft. A company like VBS Structures will be well-versed in creating custom temporary exhibition structures that will allow you to promote your jewellery.

Rope In Friends- Or Find Event Labour Hire

One of the best ways to show professionalism is to find event labour hire. These people can do many jobs at your exhibition to allow you to mingle. This could include serving drinks, running a cloakroom or even using the event labour hire to build the exhibition in the first place. If you do decide to go down the route of finding staff instead of using your friends or family, you should look for a reputable company to do the hiring for you. An event labour hire agency like Ten Ten Events will be able to find the best staff for the job.

Event Labour Hire

Network Incessantly With Buyers & Artists

At your exhibition, you can’t just stand back and let your jewellery do the talking. You need to have business cards ready. What you should try to do is to mingle with all of your potential customers and other artists if they are there. It’s important to make strong business relationships. This means not just with people who are buying your goods, but also with your peers in the industry. This will give you more opportunities to collaborate on jewellery projects in the future.